Technical Japanese Program
University of Washington
Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering

As American corporations and government increasingly do more business with Japan, the demand for qualified U.S. business professionals, engineers, and scientists trained in Japanese language and culture grows.

The Technical Japanese Master's Program (TJMP) helps meet this demand. TJMP is a unique inter-engineering program that combines study in advanced technical Japanese with graduate-level engineering courses.

TJP is the only program of its kind in the United States. A full range of technical Japanese courses is offered using the latest in educational technology. Graduates can read technical literature in Japanese and work effectively with Japanese engineers and scientists in a research or business environment.

Non-engineering majors can also study technical Japanese, with or without earning a TJMP degree. (Engineering courses are not required.) Courses are appropriate for:

  • Graduate students pursuing a degree in Technical Japanese (which combines advanced Japanese with engineering or HCDE courses)
  • Graduate students from the UW Law School, Business School, Jackson School for International Studies, and other schools (engineering courses are not required)
  • UW Undergraduates (engineering courses are not required)
  • Business professionals whose companies conduct business with Japan (engineering courses are not required)

Students can follow one of these study options:

  • Master's Track: Inter-Engineering Master's in Technical Japanese (TJMP)
  • Non-Master's Track: Technical Japanese for Business Professionals Program and UW Grad Students and Undergraduates
  • Technical Japanese Undergraduate Minor

To find out what students think about Technical Japanese classes, please see: What Students Say About TJP

TJP is housed within the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (formerly Department of Technical Communication) in the College of Engineering.