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Life Course Nutrition: Maternal and Child Health Strategies in Public Health

Free online course highlighting the role of maternal and child nutrition in population health.

School Health Research Partnership

UW and Seattle Public Schools are collaborating to improve children's health & development.

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Replacing Juice with Fruit: Nutrition and Economic Effects
Substituting 100% fruit juice with fresh fruit in children’s diets reduced calories and increased fiber -- but increased diet costs. Replacement of fruit juice with canned fruit only modestly increased costs, but resulted in less impressive nutritional benefits. Results are from a nationally representative sample of 7,000 children and adolescents. May 2012 (pdf)



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Watch What Happens When You Track 493 People's Grocery Buying Habits
Anju Aggarwal discusses data and videos modeling how people move about in Seattle to get their food. The study used GPS devices to map the food environment of study participants. more


Potatoes pile on the nutrition but pamper the budget
The NWI Times reports that Adam Drewnowski's study shows that potatoes deliver one of the most affordable source of potassium, second only to beans. more


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