The Honors Program at the University of Washington is an interdisciplinary program for undergraduates. Students can pursue Honors as a general education track, as an in-depth program within their majors, or as a combination of the two. Students may apply to the Program as new freshmen, at the end of their first year, or once they've selected a major.

2012-13 Honors Grad Profiles

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Departmental Honors Spotlight - Bioengineering

BioE - Group

Each quarter, the University Honors Program showcases the remarkable work done by Honors students in their majors. While the programs vary from discipline to discipline, most typically conclude in a major research or artistic project and all challenge the students to bring their work to the next level.

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Peer Mentoring Spotlight

Ben Phillips, Sierra Leone 2011

Peer Mentors play an important role in the Honors Program by sharing their experiences and helping students of all ages and majors make decisions throughout their undergraduate careers.

Our currently-highlighted Peer Mentor is Ben Phillips, a senior in Policial Science and Drama: Performance. Say hello!

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The Honors Portfolio

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To complete an Interdisciplinary Honors degree, students must compile an online portfolio of their undergraduate experience at UW. Hear some of our recent graduates discuss their portfolios on the uwhuskies YouTube channel.

Special thanks to Kirsten Atik, UAA and Allison Tesch, Honors

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The Honors Librarians

The Honors Librarian Program is designed to introduce entering students to the University of Washington Libraries and the Honors learning portfolio. Small groups of students are matched with Librarians in Honors 100, who serve as personal connections to the University Libraries.

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  • August 20th, 2013

    The work of Professor Anu Taranath and her group of UW Honors students was recently featured in The Hindu. 

    For the last ten years, Professor Taranath has taken groups of students to Bangalore, India to study the untold consequences of globalization and liberalization in one of the world's most up and coming cities. The group of undergraduate students had the chance to intimately interact with the culture and people of Bangalore. One student noted the unique value of this nontraditional educational experience, "We often study theory, but here, we get a human perspective."

    Taranath suggests that the perspectives students gain on the situation in Bangalore can be incredibly significant to their life back at the UW, "The students realise 'the world is not just me.' What about those I don't intersect with? When you introduce students to these interconnections, they want to learn more. There are layers to society anywhere and they want to understand how things work, their place as Americans in the world."

    Read more about the work of Professor Taranath and her students here.

  • August 13th, 2013

    Honors is pleased to announce the publication of "The Anatomist," authored by our very own Arthur Ginsberg!

    Dr. Ginsberg recently taught a Honors seminar "The Healing Power of Poetry." We are very excited to see one of our instructors setting such a fine example for his students!

    "Arthur Ginsberg's The Anatomist is a powerful, deeply compelling and enviable first book of poems," said David St. John "Charting his love of the natural world as well as his experiences in the realm of medicine, Arthur Ginsberg segues to a series of superb-and exquisitely delicate-poems about love and family. Meditative and reflective, this is a truly notable debut collection that must be celebrated."

    "The Anatomist" will be released and available for purchase the last week in August through David Robert Books. Dr. Ginsberg will be giving a reading at the University Bookstore at 7:00 pm on November 21st, be sure to stop by and say congratulations!

  • August 12th, 2013

    Last March, ten LSJ Honors students had the exciting opportunity to present their research at Columbia Legal Services in downtown Seattle. These students had spent two quarters of the academic year investigating the implications of holding juveniles in adult jails.

    This project initially began as a core component of the LSJ 489 Honors class and later evolved into a group project. These motivated students conducted numerous interviews with prison staff and the inmates themselves. Their research revealed valuable statistics about juvenile incarceration as well as suprising insights from young inmates.

    Professor Steve Herbert, who led LSJ 489, commented "This course posed a very difficult challenge: to gather and analyze a sizable amount of data, and to work cooperatively in doing so. I cannot imagine a group of students performing theses tasks better than this group did." You can read more about these students' impressive work here.

  • June 19th, 2013

    The results are in! This year, our students awarded the Honors Excellence in Teaching Award to Frances McCue, Senior Lecturer in the English Department and Honors Writer-in-Residence. Her award was presented during the Honors graduation and scholarship recognition event by Shannon Foss, an Interdisciplinary Honors student pursuing a Comparative History of Ideas degree.

    Read Shannon Foss' award speech for Frances McCue »

  • June 6th, 2013

    Fourteen University of Washington students were recently awarded Bonderman Travel Fellowships that will enable them to embark on solo journeys that are at least eight months long and take them to at least two regions and six countries of the world.

    2013 Bonderman Awardees

    While traveling, students may not pursue academic study, projects, or research. Established in 1995, this fellowship aims to expose students to the intrinsic, often life-changing, benefits of international travel. UW graduate students, undergraduate students in the Honors Program and in UW Tacoma's Global Honors Program are eligible to apply.

    The 2013 awardees are:

    Nicola Follis - Aquatic and Fishery Science, Dept. Honors
    Emily Hsieh - Biochemistry & Biology, College Honors
    Stephanie Morriss - Environmental Studies, Interdisciplinary Honors
    Catherine Opie - English, Dept. Honors
    Kaiwen Sun - Electrical Engineering & Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Honors
    Alex Taipale - Biochemistry, Dept. Honors
    Kevin Tsuchida - Civil and Environmental Engineering, Interdisciplinary Honors

    Karlyn Beer - Molecular and Cellular Biology & Epidemiology, Interdisciplinary MS/PhD
    Cori Bucherl - Chemical Engineering, PhD
    Katrina Claw - Genome Sciences, PhD
    Samantha Halstead - Museology, Masters
    Stephanie Liapis - Dance, MFA
    Daniel Miller - International Studies, Masters
    Daniel Stofleth - Communications, PhD

    Learn more about the Bonderman Fellowship and view the Fellow bios

  • March 19th, 2013

    Faustine Dufka, a senior pursuing a degree in anthropology with College Honors, is featured on UW Today for her Honors thesis research.

    Dufka investigated remembrance photography as a way to reveal how contemporary families cope with infant death. She interviewed parents, photographers and health care workers and volunteered at the Seattle-based nonprofit Soulumination, which provides free photography services to families with children 18 years old and younger facing life-threatening illnesses.

    "Faustine's thesis is medical anthropology at its best," said Daniel Hoffman, a UW associate professor of anthropology and faculty adviser to Dufka's project. "She used careful observation to explore a real problem: How people experience and make sense of a personal tragedy within a larger social and medical context that doesn’t generally honor or assist them in grief."

    Read more about Faustine's research at UW Today »

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