UW Information Technology Service Catalog

Services offered by UW-IT to the University of Washington community

A List of Services by Category

Resources and expertise concerning technology and disabilities
Access to UW online resources
Systems to support the UW's basic processes
Consulting on a variety of IT services; computer training and repair
Network connectivity solutions
Systems and applications for software development and collaboration
Electronic messaging, calendaring, and personal productivity apps
Services to survive and respond to disasters and resume operations quickly
Solutions to manage, enable, and audit access to online data, resources, and applications
Centrally managed desktops, laptops, and kiosk computers
Expansive phone and audio-based services
Server hardware, data storage, and backup in secure data center facilities
Distribution of licensed software to support safe communications and information needs
Tools to support and enhance learning, teaching, and research
Technology-equipped spaces for learning and collaborating
Multi-platform media distribution and video production services
Web-based communication and collaboration applications