University General Records Retention Schedule

The UW General Records Retention Schedule is the primary source of retention requirements for the records created and received by the University of Washington. It provides the legal authority for the destruction of records. The UW General Schedule lists the records that are common to most University offices and departments.

The "Official Copy" designation identifies the office with the primary responsibility for that record at the University.

The "Other Copy" designation refers to additional copies of the record which may be held in University offices and departments other than the official copy holder.

Retention periods which end with "Transfer to the University Archives" or "Transfer to University Archives for Review" refer to those items which may have historical value and should be preserved permanently. Rather than destroying those records at the end of their retention period, they should be transferred to the University Archives.


However, be aware that all records pertaining to ongoing or pending audits, lawsuits (or even reasonably anticipated lawsuits), or public disclosure proceedings must not be destroyed, damaged or altered until the issue is resolved and you are specifically advised that such records may be destroyed.


Printable version of the UW General Records Retention Schedule.

  • UW-GS 1 Committees, Councils, Associations And Boards

  • UW-GS 2 Environmental Health & Safety/Facilities Services Records

  • UW-GS 3 Curriculum Records

  • UW-GS 4 Materials That May Be Disposed of Without A Specific Retention Period

  • UW-GS 5 Electronic Mail

  • UW-GS 6 Financial Records (For non-grant/contract funded budgets) 

  • UW-GS 7 Research and Grant/Contract Records

  • UW-GS 8 Personnel and Payroll Records

  • UW-GS 9 Student Records

  • UW-GS 10 General Office Administration Records

  • UW-GS11 Publication Records

  • Index to Record Series



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