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Why join?

A special message from Paul Rucker, Executive Director of the UW Alumni Association

Paul RuckerAs executive director of the UW Alumni Association, I get asked this question all the time. Why join? It's a great question and one I've asked current members to answer by taking part in monthly member surveys. More than 50,000 alumni and friends are making the UW stronger and showing their support for the University of Washington through UWAA membership. Here are their top reasons for joining. Which one speaks loudest to you?

There's so much happening for alumni. Members don't miss out!
Whether you're interested in lectures, networking, Husky sports, travel opportunities or the arts, there is something happening for alumni almost every day. Many activities are local, but there is a lot going on across the country. Enjoy alumni events in New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Eastern Washington and more. As a member, you'll stay connected to the UW no matter where you live.

Membership pays for itself—if you want it to.
Even though many members don't join for the benefits, those that do know they can easily pay for the cost of membership by using our Dawg Deals discount program. Save at places you shop like T-Mobile and Office Depot and enjoy local discounts at Tully's coffee, Kidd Valley, University Book Store, Wally Park and more. Wherever you live, there's a Dawg Deal for you. Plus, membership is tax deductible!

Members get access you just can't get elsewhere.
One of our most beloved benefits for local and visiting alumni is free borrowing privileges at UW Libraries. Life members also get access to the state-of-the-art Nordstrom Tennis Center, while all members—no matter where they end up—enjoy access to alumni career services, UW Alumni Tours and the monthly Member E-newsletter, which features exclusive Columns magazine content, popular prize drawings and the latest UWAA news and information.

We put your member dues to great use.
Without the support of our members, the UWAA would not be able to produce all of the great events, lectures and programs that inform our community on issues ranging from sustainability to global health. We wouldn't be able to raise more than $200,000 for student scholarships each year. Columns magazine wouldn't be free for all UW graduates. And we certainly wouldn't be able to offer career services for graduating students and alumni in transition. Members make it all possible.

Show your support for the University of Washington and get involved in the life of the UW. Together, we make the UW stronger.

Join the UW Alumni Association today!


Signature of Paul Rucker
Paul Rucker, '95, '02
Executive Director, UW Alumni Association

  Get exclusive UWAA daily dining deals with the Pirq smartphone app.
  Get exclusive UWAA daily dining deals with the Pirq smartphone app.
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