Sustainability of the Earth

The University of Washington is a global leader in environmental science research, education and technology transfer. We discover and share knowledge for the sustainability of our planet.

Florissan fossil beds1969 fight to save America’s premier fossil beds

To allow building of summer homes on 34 million year-old fossils like these is like using the Dead Sea Scrolls to wrap fish in, one lawyer said. Learn More

Explore Sustainability

RidesharelogoSustainable Cities

As a public research institution in the heart of a globally connected metropolitan area, the UW is uniquely positioned to find solutions to the challenges posed by urbanization.

Firing range lead exposure reduced with UW workplace health expertise

Pressure Ap

Energy and Clean Technology

The UW is in the forefront of research that will lead to the next generation of less-polluting, more efficient energy generation as well as technologies.

Engage logoHuman Interactions

Noted UW researchers are examining the interplay between people and nature to learn more about how we can live and work in ways that are sustainable.

Seattle Times: Science students learn to tell stories


Green Campus

Monitor UW’s efforts using the “sustainability dashboard.” And check out the student-supported Campus Sustainability Fund.

dollyvardenNatural Resources

As environmentally responsible citizens, UW faculty, staff and students develop innovative ways to steward resources for future generations.

Sea iceClimate Change

UW researchers are leading authorities on the impact of global warming and are at the forefront of developing new models that refine climate change predictions.

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