Faculty Advancement

Luis Fraga

Luis R. Fraga

  • Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement
  • Director, Diversity Research Institute
  • Russell F. Stark Professor
  • Professor, Political Science

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Norma E. Rodriguez

  • Director, Office for Faculty Advancement


Ariel Rios

  • Student Assistant, Office for Faculty Advancement &
    Diversity Research Institute



The primary mission of the Office of the Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement is to ensure that the UW recruits, promotes and retains an excellent and diverse faculty. Luis R. Fraga reports both to the Provost and the Vice President of Minority Affairs, and works on individual faculty cases and on institutional policy issues. In addition, he meets regularly with deans, department chairs, and other academic leaders across the three UW campuses to disseminate best practices for conducting inclusive searches and fostering collegial environments.

The Office of Faculty Advancement supports faculty research through the Diversity Research Institute (DRI). By working closely with departments and research centers on campus, the DRI aims to develop a community of scholars whose research focuses on diversity, social justice, and institutional transformation. The DRI hosts an annual conference, an invited lecture series and other related events.

Spotlight on Faculty Advancement

The Office of the Provost has allocated funds for the 2012-2013 Faculty Recruitment Initiative. Funds will be dedicated to recruitment of junior and senior faculty in all three campuses whose research, teaching, practice, and community service agendas address historical, methodological and applied concerns/issues relating to underrepresented and/or underserved communities. Support requests should be directed to Luis Fraga, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement at lrfraga@uw.edu or 206.685.4831.

The University of Washington has been praised for changing their Faculty Code. The Code now focuses not on faculty background, but on their work, which can be performed by any faculty member regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity. With the responsibility for developing strategies and policies with the Provost, Vice Provosts, Deans, and Department Chairs to recruit, promote, and retain faculty at the UW, Luis Fraga was instrumental in guiding a process that other research universities should emulate in recognizing the intellectual value of diversity and inclusion.

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