Chief Diversity Officer

Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange

Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange

  • Vice Provost for Diversity
  • Vice President for Minority Affairs

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Linda Jardine

  • Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost


OMA&D Leadership Team

2012 OMA&D Quick Facts

At the University of Washington the Chief Diversity Officer is the Vice President and Vice Provost for Minority Affairs and Diversity, Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange. Dr. Edwards Lange has oversight of the University’s progress in diversity and to ensure and facilitate an integrated vision and shared responsibility for diversity. The Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (OMA&D) works collaboratively and serves as a resource for colleges and administrative units as they establish, coordinate, and assess their contributions to institutional diversity goals. OMA&D’s mission is to ensure the access and academic success of diverse populations through the advancement of knowledge, academic excellence, diversity, and the promotion of values, principles, and a climate that enriches the campus experience for all. The Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (OMA&D) embraces a passionate commitment to linking academic excellence with diversity. Guided by its core values of academic excellence, inclusion, educational equity, collaboration and accountability, OMA&D is committed to achieving its mission through the following priorities:

  1. Collaborate with campus units to foster dynamic learning environments, academic support, recruitment and outreach programs, and advance university-wide responsibility on behalf of diversity.
  2. Promote academic achievement and excellence by providing comprehensive support services such as teaching, mentoring, academic counseling, and skill building for diverse populations and economically and/or educationally disadvantaged students.
  3. Collaborate with secondary educational institutions and community organizations to ensure that there is a well prepared pre-college pipeline of students from underserved backgrounds.
  4. Engage and foster relationships with alumni, stakeholders, and friends of diversity to build upon endowments and scholarship opportunities.
  5. Build a welcoming and supportive campus climate for students, faculty, and staff through Faculty Advancement, Institutional Research, Faculty and Staff Affinity Groups, and Curricular Transformation.

Programs and services include: Pre-College and Recruitment, Student Services and Academic Support, Graduate and Professional School Preparation, Assessment and Evaluation, Faculty and Staff Advancement, Institutional Transformation, Alumni and Community Engagement. To learn more about these programs and services visit the OMA&D web site.

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