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Emergency Plans

UW All-Hazards Emergency Management Plan September 2012

The University of Washington, in accordance with the State of Washington guidance contained in WAC 118.30.060, regularly (at a minimum bi-annually) updates and conducts a full/formal revision of the UW Campus Emergency Management Plan. This Plan is a guide to the University for emergency management and coordination of all phases of emergency management operations in order to minimize the impacts of emergencies and disasters, and to protect the people, property, and environment, and restore the primary mission of the University. The plan meets all state and federal/NIMS requirements. Download the Public Version of the Plan…

See Also

  • University of Washington Emergency Procedures Poster — [11”x17”]
  • University of Washington Emergency Procedures Poster — [8.5”x11”]

Building-Specific Emergency and Fire/Evacuation Resources

Environmental Health and Safety maintains guidelines and provides training, consultation and support for building emergencies. [Click here] to be taken the EH&S Website for more detailed information and resources related to building evacuations, fire drills, first aid, residence hall safety and issues related to persons with disabilities, and instructions for building occupants

Legal Authorities and Mandates for Emergency Planning

Laws and Authorities

By-Laws of the Board of Regents, University Handbook, Volume 1, Part II, Article IV, Section I


  1. President of the University. The President of the University shall be elected by the Board upon receiving the affirmative votes of not less than two-thirds of the members of the Board (excluding the student regent), and shall serve at the pleasure of the Board. The President of the University shall be the chief executive officer of the University and shall be responsible directly to the Board for the management and conduct of all the affairs of the University except those which by law, these By-laws, the Standing Orders, or other orders of the Board are the specific responsibility of other persons or bodies. The President of the University is authorized to attend all regular and special meetings of the Board and its committees unless requested otherwise in specific instances by the Board or committee, and is authorized to bring matters before the Board or any of its committees for discussion and action.

Standing Orders of the Board of Regents, University Handbook, Volume 1, Part III, Chapter I, Section 2

General Conduct Code, Chapter 478-124 Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

RCW 38.52.070(1)
Directs political subdivisions to establish, or be a member of, a local organization for emergency management

RCW 38.52.070(1)
Requires that local comprehensive emergency management plans must specify the use of the incident command system for multi-agency/multi-jurisdiction operations

Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act/Public Law 93-288, as amended
Addresses the role of the Federal Government

Current applicable 44 code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Address policy and guidance for Federal Government disaster response and recovery.

UW Administrative Policy Statement 13.1 “Emergency Management”

UW Administrative Policy Statement 13.2 “Business Continuity Management”

Campus Emergency Transportation Workshop Executive Report”

The University of Washington Seattle Campus Emergency Transportation Workshop Executive Report is a summary of a workshop conducted on March 14th attended by over 25 UW staff, students, and city, county, state and regional officials to begin the development of a campus wide emergency evacuation and transportation strategy. The workshop is a piece of a larger ongoing Campus Evacuation Study funded in part with federal homeland security funds. Click here to view/download the Executive Report