About the Foundation

The University of Washington Foundation is a non-profit, public 501(c)(3) organization that advances the mission of the University of Washington by seeking and securing private support for its programs in service to students and society.

The Foundation is a conduit for giving to University of Washington students, faculty, programs and/or facilities; gifts are applied to the UW fund or allocated as designated by the donor.

Duties of elected UW Foundation Board members

University of Washington Foundation directors are committed to increasing the level of private giving to the UW in both number of dollars and number of donors, and to enhancing understanding among the UW’s alumni and other friends of the need for private giving to support excellence in programs throughout the University of Washington.

2012-13 UW Foundation Board

Howard P. Behar, Chair
William S. Ayer, Vice Chair
Lyn Grinstein, Immediate Past Chair
Peter A. Shimer, Treasurer
Micki E. Flowers, Secretary
Connie H. Kravas, UW Foundation President
Christina Z. W. Chang, Assistant Treasurer
Karine E. Raetzloff, Assistant Secretary


Kim Ackerley-Cleworth
Libby Armintrout
Charles K. Barbo
Susan Brotman
C. Kent Carlson
Ana Mari Cauce
Kenyon S. Chan
Patrick W. Crumb
Robert L. Davis IV
Tom H. Delimitros
Neal Dempsey
Mary L. Dunnam
Maria S. Eitel
Michael J. Egan
Lex N. Gamble
William H. Gates
Anne E. Gittinger
Jodi Green
Gerald Grinstein
Leslie G. Hanauer
Joanne R. Harrell
Randy Hodgins
Mack L. Hogans
John A. Huckabay
Lawrence Patrick Hughes
Walter R. Ingram
Paul E. Jenny
Vincent G. Kokich
Mary E. Kollar
Paul B. Liao
James McBain
Nathaniel R. Miles
James A. Milgard
Joanne S. Montgomery
Lynn Pigott Mowe
Charles E. Murry
Laurel Nesholm
H. Stewart Parker
Donald E. Petersen
Laura J. Peterson
Scott B. Redman
James T. Reed
Michael J. Repass
Paula Rosput Reynolds
Paul M. Rucker
H. Jon Runstad
Lauren S. Schuchart
Carlyn J. Steiner
Margaret K. Walker
V’Ella A. Warren
Colleen S. Willoughby
Edward Y. Wong
Marcia R. Wythes
Michael K. Young

Contact the UW Foundation
407 Gerberding Hall
Box 351210
Seattle, WA 98195-1210
206-685-1980 or 800-326-7566
Fax: 206-543-5651
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