Gifts of Securities

Donating appreciated securities to the University of Washington is simple. Download the step-by-step instructions and/or read below for more information.

Securities Held Electronically

If your securities are held “in street name” with your broker, send your broker a letter of authorization to transfer (not sell) shares of specific stock(s) to the University of Washington’s main brokerage account.

Your instructions should specify your account number; the date by which you wish to complete the gift, the name and number of shares you would like to donate and the purpose of your gift (e.g. unrestricted gift to the UW Annual Fund, gift to specific college, etc.); and provide the following transfer information:

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
DTC: 0015
University of Washington
Acct. #144-153275-535
Contact: Alana Askew, 206-685-3814

If you are transferring stock from a joint account, both account owners must sign the letter. You can contribute stock from several companies held within the same account. You can also make a single transfer for multiple purposes.

Please send a copy of this letter to Alana Askew, Operations Analyst, UW Treasury Office, 4311 11th Ave. NE, Suite 600, Seattle, WA 98105-4608 or fax 206-543-3698.

Please, check with your broker soon after sending the letter to ensure that the transfer is complete, especially if you initiate this gift shortly before Dec. 31.

Securities in Certificate Form

If you have stock or bond certificates, please contact Alana Askew in the UW Treasury Office to arrange for delivery.

Alana Askew
Send an E-mail
206-685-3814 (Fax: 206-543-3698)

Treasury Office
206-685-1822 (Fax: 206-543-3698)

Mutual Funds

Very few mutual funds network with brokerage firms. In most cases we have to open an account with mutual fund companies to handle each individual mutual fund gifts. Since the enactment of the USA Patriot Act of 2001, the opening of a mutual fund account has become complicated and time consuming. Please contact Alana Askew at least a month in advance.

Year-end Considerations

Because of their complexity, securities gifts are best made by Dec. 15.

Tax Advantages

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