Opportunities for Students

When it comes to student gifts, there’s strength in numbers. Your donation doesn’t need to be large, but when combined with the gifts from fellow students, it can have a huge impact.

Every gift from a student is a vote of confidence that inspires alumni and friends to give more — and unites us all in a collective effort to ensure that students and faculty at the UW continue to make a lasting difference today and for years to come.

Did you know you can directly support programs you feel passionate about? Why not take a few minutes to search for a fund that supports what you believe in?

Senior Class Gift Campaign

Each year at Commencement, the graduating class presents the Senior Class Gift to the university. The Senior Class Gift is a gesture of thanks to the students who came before them, and a commitment to ensure that future UW students are able to receive outstanding educational opportunities.

Work for the Foundation

Looking for a job? Would you like to represent the UW? The Student Calling Program is a way to reach out to alumni and friends to seek donations for UW students, faculty, departments and programs. Student callers earn a good wage, learn the basics of the university’s fundraising needs and processes, and gain valuable professional skills. To learn more, call 206-543-0656.

Join the Student Philanthropy Education Program (SPEP)

The Student Philanthropy Education Program is comprised of a group of highly driven, current UW students interested in gaining valuable work experience in a highly motivated and professional atmosphere. SPEP members are dedicated to helping better their university by raising on-campus awareness of the need for private support. To learn more, contact Monica McDonald at mcdonmon@uw.edu or 206-616-0490.

Financial Aid

For information about financial aid opportunities at the UW, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid (opens in new window).

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