The Husky Promise

About Husky Promise

The University of Washington is promising students a future. Husky Promise is our guarantee to Washington state students that we will not let financial challenges stand in the way of discovering their potential or achieving a UW degree.

We believe students from all economic backgrounds should have the opportunity to attend the UW. If students are admitted to the UW and qualify for the Husky Promise, we promise to pay their tuition.

The Husky Promise guarantees full tuition and standard fees will be covered by grant or scholarship support for eligible Washington state students. You will not have to pay back these grants and scholarships. You can also be assured that if tuition increases, the financial aid you receive will increase as well.

The Husky Promise ensures that the UW remains affordable and accessible to Washington residents. It is a guarantee that supports a promising future, and one we’re happy to keep.

How does the Husky Promise work?

Your tuition will be covered first by your federal and state grants — like the Pell Grant or State Need Grant.

If your eligibility for these programs does not equal the full cost of your tuition, the UW will make up the difference with institutional grants or scholarships. Funds awarded for Husky Promise will only cover up to your calculated financial need and can be reduced if you receive private scholarships or other privately funded resources. At the UW, private scholarships are used to meet need and replace loans before we reduce grant or scholarship assistance.

The Husky Promise applies to tuition and fees only; however, there are additional grant, scholarship, work-study and loan funds available to help with the other costs of education, like books and room and board.

Many of the students in the Husky Promise program will receive grants or scholarships beyond the cost of tuition. You may qualify for awards from loan and work-study programs, too.

If you do not qualify for the Husky Promise, you may still receive grants and other types of financial aid. Please visit for more information on additional financial aid options.

Who is eligible for Husky Promise?

To be eligible for the Husky Promise you must:

  • Be admitted to the University of Washington
  • Be a Washington state resident
  • Meet all eligibility criteria for the Pell Grant or State Need Grant Programs
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before the UW’s priority filing date of Feb. 28 for the following academic year. You must list the University of Washington (federal code #003798) as one of the colleges you wish to receive the results of your FAFSA
  • Enroll full time at the UW
  • Be pursuing a first bachelor’s degree
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress while at the UW
  • Husky Promise is limited to twelve quarters of eligibility at the UW

If you don’t qualify for Husky Promise, we still have grant, scholarship, work-study and loan funds that will help pay your educational costs.

How do I apply to the UW?

To learn how you can enroll as an undergraduate and earn a UW degree, visit:

How do I apply for financial aid and the Husky Promise?

Just complete the FAFSA—available at — before Feb. 28 in order to be considered for the Husky Promise. No separate forms are needed. The Office of Student Financial Aid will let you know what income tax forms or other documents are needed to complete your financial aid application. The Office of Student Financial Aid may adjust the income and other information on your FAFSA to more accurately reflect your family’s financial situation.

Are there other financial aid solutions?

Yes. The Husky Promise is just one way the UW helps students pay for college. Each year, we awarded more than $344 million in aid to sixty percent of our undergraduate students, but you must apply for financial aid by filing the FAFSA by our priority date of Feb. 28. If you miss the priority date, you will still be considered for financial aid, but for limited types of aid.

You can visit for more information about our financial aid programs.

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