November 12, 2013

HuskyTV Now With Streaming and HBO GO

people on tv

HuskyTV, UW’s all-digital cable television service, now includes up to 72 channels of live, streaming TV. It brings news, sports, education and entertainment, streamed live to your Web browser, iPad or Roku streaming player, anywhere at UW Seattle. The new service, powered by, lets you pause, record, and play back shows with the built-in online DVR. Subscriptions to HuskyTV include HBO GO, with on-demand access to HBO documentaries, movies and original programming almost anywhere in the US.  Visit to see an example of Streaming HuskyTV.

May 13, 2013

Online TV for UW Residence Hall Students: Testing Underway


More than 1700 UW residence hall students are watching TV news, sports, and more from their laptops anywhere on campus in a trial run that started in April and runs through spring quarter. The Tivli online TV service provides 32 channels and will likely expand to 72 if implemented in the fall, reports The Daily. Access to HBO and HBO GO was just added this month. Authorized students can point their laptop Web browser to Access to non-local cable channels is only available to HuskyTV subscribers, including UW students living in residence halls.