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Backups and Restores

Backups and Restores

 UW Information Technology regularly makes backup copies of UW Email (also known as UW Deskmail) so that data can be restored if it is lost in a system failure. Important: The backups do not meet records retention requirements; they are intended only for recovery from a computer failure.

Check Your Account

Some UW Email accounts may not have backups.

Is your UW Email Data Included in Backups?

To check your account:

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  2. Go to:
  3. Look for your email information under “Inbox and Folders” in the list of directories

About UW Email Backup

Backup Copies Are Usually Made Each Day

Backups of files are scheduled to be done automatically. Backups usually happen once each 24 hours, during the night. However delays can occur so that a daily backup may be missed.

Only Recent Backups Are Stored

Backup copies of UW Email folders are usually kept for only one week. Thus you can usually expect a ‘snapshot’ of your email as it existed at a particular time on each of the most recent seven days.

Recovering Lost Email

  • Messages and folders lost prior to the oldest backup cannot be recovered.
  • Messages that were not stored at the time of a backup, for example a message that arrived and was mistakenly deleted on the same day, cannot be recovered.

If you need to recover lost folders or messages which might be in your backups, contact the UW Information Technology Service Center at or 206-221-5000.

Check Your Backup Schedule

Some email accounts may not have backups. To check if your account is set to backup nightly, visit the following URL:


Last modified: August 19, 2013