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  The University of Washington is partnering with Google to provide Google Apps to the UW community. UW Google Apps is a service that can be used by current UW students, faculty, staff, Alumni, and former students. 

UW Google Apps provides access to many web based applications including:

  • Google Apps Email - Ad-free email with 25 GB of storage and continued use of your or email addresses
  • Google Calendar - Schedule meetings, create events, and share calendars
  • Google Talk - Instant messaging and computer-to-computer voice calling
  • Google Drive - Create, store, share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations online

In addition to the core services listed above, other applications, including YouTube and Picasa, have been enabled for UW Google Apps. Information on these additional apps is available on our Additional Apps page.

Start Using UW Google Apps

Follow the steps below to start using UW Google Apps. You may activate the UW Google Apps service without changing your current UW email forwarding to send new mail to UW Google Apps.

  1. Go to the Manage UW Google Apps page to activate the service and set your UW Google Apps password. Once activated, your Google Apps login is (where “ is your actual UW NetID).
  2. The UW NetID manage pages can be used to forward your email to Google Apps Mail. If you wish to use Google Apps without using Google’s email service, this step may be skipped. Note: UW Medicine clinical faculty and staff are prohibited from forwarding email to UW Windows Live and UW Google apps. For more information on this policy, please contact
  3. is used to access your email and all other Google Apps services. You may also configure Google Apps Email on just about any desktop email program or mobile device using instructions provided by Google.
  4. Optional: These instructions will help you transfer your UW email to your new UW Google Apps email account.

About UW Google Apps Passwords

Use your UW NetID password when accessing the UW Google Apps Email website. However, if you’d like to use a desktop email program or mobile device to read your Google Apps Email, you will need to set a separate password through the Manage UW Google Apps webpage.

When using a desktop email program or mobile device, use with your UW Google Apps password to login.

Getting Help

Desktop Email Programs & Mobile Phones

Our Google FAQ provides a great launching point for configuring email programs and mobile phones:

Configuring email applications

Configuring mobile devices

Help from Google

If you need additional help using or configuring Google Apps, Google provides documentation on the web:

Google Apps Learning Center

Gmail Help Center

Subscribe to Google Apps updates

The Official Gmail Blog

Google Apps Service Status

Google Sending Limits

UW Groups

UW Groups can now be used to manage permissions in UW Google Apps. For more information, please visit the UW Google Apps Group Sharing Web page.

Access Problems

If you have any problems activating the Google Apps service, or using the password provided for it, contact UW Information Technology at or 206-221-5000.

More Information

Visit the Google Apps Frequently Asked Questions or the email services page.

Email and Document Backup

When UW Google Apps email is deleted, those messages are given a “Trash” label. Messages with the “Trash” label will be permanently deleted after 30 days, or you may permanently delete those messages manually. Email deleted in this manner cannot be retrieved from backup.

All UW Google Apps data is stored exclusively on Google servers. The UW does not maintain any copies or backups for this data, and Google cannot restore any data, including documents and calendar data, once it is permanently deleted.

Usage Policies and Guidelines

Data associated with UW Google Apps is subject to the same policies that regulate all other types of electronic records at the UW. As a result, contracts are in place with Google to address many important legal, regulatory, and compliance issues.

Electronic Records

Data stored using UW Google Apps is still considered a UW record. When using UW Google Apps, you are responsible for following the University’s Information Security and Privacy Laws and Regulation.

Appropriate Use

UW Google Apps is covered by the same rules that govern all other computing resources. For more information, see the UW’s Appropriate Use Guidelines.

Ending Your UW Google Apps Service

You may deactivate your UW Google Apps service at the Manage UW Google Apps page. Select the Turn Off link next to Account Status.

Last modified: July 16, 2013