Additional Apps for UW Google Apps

Additional Apps Are Available

Over the past few years, most of the supplemental, or additional "Apps" available for Google Apps have been evaluated and added to UW Google Apps.  The only major Apps not yet available are Google Groups and the Google Marketplace Apps.  Details on both can be found below.

Each of the Apps activated for UW Google Apps functions just like the version available to consumer Google accounts, but now you can use your UW Google Apps account to access each one.

These services supplement the core services already available through UW Google Apps.

Please Note: All laws and policies governing the appropriate use of UW computing resources apply to UW Google Apps. An overview of the relevant laws and policies can be found on the Appropriate Use web page.

Google Wallet & Individual Storage

Google Wallet has recently been activated for UW Google Apps and can be used to purchase a number of items for your UW Google Apps account, including extra storage for Google Drive and Gmail.  While other items, like certain paid Apps, can also be purchased, please be aware of our general Usage Policies and Guidelines listed below.  That section should help determine if purchases made for your account are appropriate.  Lastly, keep in mind that no purchases can be transferred.  All purchases you make for your UW Google Apps account are permanently attached to that account, even if the account expires.  For this reason, we strongly recommend that all purchases for Staff and Faculty accounts use a UW ProCard.

Google Groups

Google Groups is one of the few Apps not currently activated for use with UW Google Apps.  UW Groups are synced with Google's groups and can be used for a variety of purposes, however the Groups App commonly used for discussion is not yet available for UW Google Apps.  We are working setting up infrastructure that will support the Google Groups App, but we do not yet have an estimate for release.  If you would like more information about using UW Groups with UW Google Apps, please visit our support page for Group Sharing in UW Google Apps.

Google Marketplace Apps

Any developer or company can create and offer applications in the Google Apps Marketplace, and these applications could be enabled within the UW Google Apps domain.

UW-IT is not, however, currently enabling Google Marketplace Apps. We've made this decision for the following reasons:

  1. None of these applications are covered by the UW's contractual agreement with Google. Each app would require a separate (and potentially lengthy) contractual negotiation to ensure sufficient protections for UW data -- if these safeguards are even possible.
  2. Google Marketplace Apps are enabled for the entire UW domain. This creates substantial licensing costs for applications that are not free.  
  3. UW risk management practices require administrative control and application lifecycle measures that are not possible with most Google Marketplace Apps.  

We will continue to monitor the Marketplace for any changes that may address these practical difficulties.

Usage Policies and Guidelines

Data associated with UW Google Apps is subject to the same policies that regulate all other types of electronic records at the UW. As a result, contracts are in place with Google to address many important legal, regulatory, and compliance issues.

Electronic records

Data stored using UW Google Apps is still considered a UW record. When using UW Google Apps, you are responsible for following the University's Data Security Standards.

Appropriate use

UW Google Apps is covered by the same rules that govern all other computing resources. For more information, see the UW's Appropriate Use Guidelines.

Agreements with Google

Many of these additional Apps carry specific terms of service. In addition, different Apps have different data protection standards. A summary of these differences can be found in our Cloud Services Comparison Table.

Support and More Information

Support from Google

For help with these Apps, or to learn more about their features, visit Google's Help Center.


Additional help
More information about UW Google Apps is available on our UW Google Apps page. 
If you have any other questions, contact UW Information Technology at


Last modified: December 18, 2013