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Using the UW.EDU Address

Using the UW.EDU Address


The University of Washington began using its reserved “” domain in June 2009 as an option for UW email addresses. Our institution is widely known as the UW, and the shorter address reinforces how others refer to us. With mobile technology and digital communication, a shorter address is practical and simpler to use.

Using on the UW Home Page and MyUW

As of Autumn Quarter, 2009, shorter Web addresses are available to reach the UW Home Page and MyUW. The new additional addresses are the following:

  • UW Home Page: or
  • MyUW:

The old longer addresses ( and also work. The longer address will be displayed in the browser address bar, whether you use the shorter or longer URL to reach the page.

Any UW URL beginning with can be shortened to (For example: can be used instead of

Using for Email

You now have the option to use for your email address at the University of Washington. If you use “” or “” for your email at the UW, you can now use the shorter “” address.

  • To receive email sent to Just tell your colleagues and friends to use it. (You will continue to receive email addressed to you at “”, “”, and “” in your same email inbox at the UW. Your email forwarding will not be affected.)
  • To send email using Please see the Email Configuration Instructions below.

Email Configuration Instructions to Use

To set your outgoing UW (Deskmail) Email at the UW to use “”:

  • Alpine including Alpine (Unix) and PC-Alpine

    To set your outgoing UW Email to use “”, open the version of Alpine you are using, and from the Main Menu:

    1. StepsActions
    2. Press S (Setup).
    3. Press C (Config).
    4. Look for the line: user-domain = <>.
    5. Use your arrow key to select user-domain, and press C (Change value).
    6. Enter (where you see <>).
    7. Press Enter (or Return).
    8. Using W (Where) find Alternate Addresses in Alpine
      • Type C (Change) and enter:,,
        (this will make the “sent-mail” folder look right and avoid the “reply-to-all?” question for these aliases)
    9. Press E (Exit Setup), and confirm by pressing Y (Yes).

    Note: This configuration will append “” after the @ sign as the domain part of an address that is not fully qualified.

    Web Alpine
    1. StepsActions
    2. In the top right, click Settings
    3. In the left column, click on Personal Settings
    4. In the User Domain field, enter
    5. Also, on the same page see Alternate Addresses
      • Click Add (for each address)
        • Enter: (e.g.
        • Enter: (e.g.
        • Enter: (e.g.
      • This will configure Pine to understand that all three addresses are the same so Pine will not prompt you with: ‘reply to all?’ and will make the Sent-mail folder look right.
    6. Click Save Settings at the upper left to save and exit configuration

    To set your outgoing UW Email to use “”:

    1. StepsActions
    2. Click Tools.  If this option is not visible, please right-click area at the top of the Thunderbird window and select Menu Bar.
    3. Select Account Settings from the pull-down menu.
    4. On the first screen of Account Settings:
      • Change Email Address from to
      • Change Reply-to Address from to (optional)
    5. Click OK to save, and close the window.
    Mac Mail

    To set your outgoing UW Email to use “”:

    1. StepsActions
    2. Go to the Mail menu.
    3. Go to Preferences.
    4. Go to Accounts.
    5. Go to Account Information.
    6. Change Email Address from to
    7. Click the red button in the upper left corner to close the window.
    8. Click save to save changes.
    Windows Mail

    To set your outgoing UW Email to use “”:

    1. StepsActions
    2. Go to Tools.
    3. Go to Accounts.
    4. Highlight your UW email account under the Mail heading.
    5. Select Properties.
    6. Under the General tab, change:
      • Change Email Address from to
      • Change Reply Address from to
    7. Click OK to apply.

Subscription Lists

UW Mailman email lists will recognize your UW NetID regardless of whether you send email from,, or However, if you use other subscription lists (such as ListProc, Listserve, Majordomo) and change to for your email, they may not recognize you as the original subscriber. Check with the provider to see if you need to update your email information for those lists.

First-time Email Configuration (including iPhone Mail)

When configuring your desktop email program or iPhone (Mail) for the first time, follow the Configuring Your Email Programs instructions online. Enter “” in place of “” during the configuration process.

Last modified: August 9, 2013