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Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and Tablets

Mobile technology support is available to all UW faculty and staff from UW-IT:

We offer a full suite of mobile device services designed to help you select the right Smartphone or Tablet, along with a service plan to meet your needs.  We can:

  • Help you understand the many mobile device options.
  • Select and order the right phone/tablet for yourself or your department.
  • Manage features or plan changes (adding international plans, usage reporting and rate plan adjustments).
  • Setup a new device to sync with your UW email accounts.
  • Teach you how to use your device.  
  • Provide a loaner phone if your current device is unusable, lost or stolen. We do not offer loaner tablets at this time.
  • Troubleshoot smartphone or tablet related issues.
  • Give you access to our “Members only” page with links to help you get more from your device.


Mobile Support is a “for fee” service, charged per device. See the Service Catalog for current rates.

If you have questions, send email to or call 206-616-0626.

Sign up for support

 If you are a UW-IT employee, please click here for pre-authorization. Once authorized, the request will be forwarded on for you.


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Last modified: June 14, 2013