Connect & Communicate

Connecting to UW Networks

Connecting to UW Networks

Ways to Connect


Using wireless at the UW | Wireless access for visitors

From UW Student Housing

Connecting in UW Housing | Wireless Routers in UW Residence Hall Rooms

From Off-Campus
Using outside ISPs to connect to the UW | UW dial-in modem access


Blocked? If your computer is associated with software piracy, has been hijacked by someone else, or is being used to send spam email, UW Information Technology (UW-IT) may block its access to the Internet (sites within UW should still be accessible). If your computer appears to be blocked, see the Blocked Network Service page for instructions.

Campus Networking Services

UW network connectivity

Basic network connectivity services and additional service options are described on the UW Network Connectivity page in the UW-IT Service Catalog.

Network Addressing
Information on network addressing  on campus and its administration is available on the Network Addressing at the UW page.
Private address routing

Need a subnet that is not accessible from outside UW? See Private Address Routing on Campus for more information.

Planning construction and renovation?

Planning some construction or renovation work in your office or building? Such projects often affect communications services. Please contact UW-IT Communications Infrastructure by sending email to so they can assess any impact your planned work may have.

Last modified: July 9, 2013