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Blocked Network Service

Blocked Network Service

Unable to Browse?

Can’t access websites outside the UW (such as Your computer may be infected. 

Computers on the UW network are regularly scanned by UW Information Technology (UW-IT) security engineers to identify machines that have been infected with viruses, worms, and other malware. When such a computer is identified, traffic from the computer to and from non-UW sources may be blocked.

Please attend to this matter quickly to help us protect the UW network computing infrastructure and to get full access restored to your computer.

Getting Unblocked

If you decide you may be blocked, take the following steps:

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  2. Verify whether your computer is currently blocked by going to UW Disabled Ports.
    • If it indicates your port is blocked, your computer is probably infected; proceed to step 2 below.
    • If the Disabled Ports service says your port is not blocked, you have some other problem not addressed here.
  3. Completely clean your computer of virus infections and other malware. This task often involves completely erasing your hard disk and reinstalling your operating system and software. You can obtain help from several sources:
    • The Computer Vet in the Learning Commons in Odegaard Undergraduate Library can help with operating system updates, anti-virus software installation, and cleaning out infected computers.
    • The Computer Maintenance Group provides hardware and software services generally for UW-owned computers, charging the work to UW budgets.
    • Health Sciences Academic Services & Facilities Computing Support provides a variety of support and repair services. HSAS&F can work on both UW computers and personally owned computers.
    • Many commercial computer maintenance services are available off-campus.
  4. Unblock your connection by using your computer to go to the UW Security Tools Enable site. Important: The Unblock procedure will check to see if your computer is still infected. If it is, your computer will not be unblocked.

Last modified: July 9, 2013