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Dial-up Phone Numbers

Dial-up Phone Numbers


You can access the UW dial-in modem pool with your UW NetID, depending on your affiliation with the UW. Check to see if you have this service at Manage Your UW NetID Resources.

What You Will Need

The phone numbers most people affiliated with the UW will need are listed in the next section. You will also need to know or have the following:

  • Your UW NetID and password
  • A modem installed in (or connected to) your computer
  • A phone line connected to the modem

Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers for Large Urban Centers
If you are calling from: Students Use: Faculty and Staff Use: Maximum Data Rate
Seattle, Bellevue 206-812-5570 206-812-5590 56,000**(V.92)
Tacoma 253-692-5570 253-692-5590 56,000**(V.92)
Everett (inc. Stanwood,
Camano Island)
425-262-5570 425-262-5590 56,000**(V.92)
Phone Numbers for Other Washington Locations
If you are calling from or near: Students Use: Faculty and Staff Use: Maximum Data Rate
Aberdeen, Grayland, Westport 360-612-5570 360-612-5590 56,000**(V.92)
Bellingham, Whatcom County 360-543-5570 360-543-5590 56,000**(V.92)
Black Diamond, Enumclaw 360-615-5570 360-615-5590 56,000**(V.92)
Chehalis 360-557-5570 360-557-5590 56,000**(V.92)
Coupeville, Oak Harbor 360-544-5570 360-544-5590 56,000**(V.92)
East King County 425-519-5570 425-519-5590 56,000**(V.92)
Hoodsport, Union 360-614-5570 360-614-5590 56,000**(V.92)
Kitsap Peninsula 360-535-5570 360-535-5590 56,000**(V.92)
Mt.Vernon, Skagit County 360-542-5570 360-542-5590 56,000**(V.92)
Olympia 360-252-5570 360-252-5590 56,000**(V.92)
Port Angeles, Sequim, Gardner 360-504-5570 360-504-5590 56,000**(V.92)
Port Townsend 360-554-5570 360-554-5590 56,000**(V.92)

**Due to FCC regulations on power output, receiving speeds are limited to 53 kbps.

Important: These numbers are local calls in the specified areas. If you are not sure if you are in an area, try calling the ten digit number (area code plus seven). If you get a high pitched modem tone, then it is a local call. Do Not put a 1 in front of the number (making a total of eleven digits). Doing so might result in long distance fees, which you will be responsible for paying.

Last modified: July 9, 2013