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Access Technology Center

Access Technology Center

What Is the ATC?

FlexKeys Mini-Keyboard

The Access Technology Center (ATC) serves users with disabilities, allowing full use of campus computing resources. ATC hardware and software provides Braille printouts, alternate document formatting and magnification for blind/low-vision users, keyboard/mouse alternatives, speech-input software, and more. ATC staff provides accessibility consultations and instructs users in accessible hardware and software basics.

Workstations with specialized software are located throughout the Odegaard Undergraduate Library (OUG) and Suzzallo Library (SUZ).

  • ATC Frequently Asked Questions

ATC Services

We offer a suite of services to students, faculty and staff wishing to assess and improve accessibility of UW facilities.

  • Accessibility Consulting and Assessment
  • Braille Services
  • PDF Accessibility

ATC Hardware and Software

The Access Technology Center offers a wide array of hardware and software optimized for people with visual, cognitive/learning, speech, motor and other disabilities.

  • Keyboard and Mouse Alternatives
  • Adjustable Tables and Other Hardware
  • List of ATC Software

ATC News

The ATC provides assistance and resources to help faculty create PDF documents accessible to all students.

  • Making PDF Documents Accessible
  • Accessibility Guidelines

Contact the ATC

Individuals and offices at the UW may contact ATC staff for individual consultations and accessibility recommendations, as well as to schedule tours and other services.

Location: Mary Gates Hall, Room 064
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Manager: Dan Comden, danc@uw.edu
Voice/TTY: 206-685-4144
Email: atcenter@uw.edu

  • Get Directions to the ATC
  • Accessible Computing Locations Outside the ATC

Last modified: September 24, 2013