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VHS to DVD Converter and Instructions

VHS to DVD Converter and Instructions

UW-IT and Odegaard Undergraduate Library provide a VHS to DVD converter system to convert VHS tapes to DVD, and vice versa. It is located on the 2nd floor of Odegaard Undergraduate Library next to the Technology Help Desk.

An optional remote is also available for checkout at the 2nd floor Information Desk for the operation of the VHS to DVD converter, but it is not required for use of the system. Both the TV and converter have buttons which control the system.

Note: Users must provide their own media for conversion. UW-IT and library staff cannot supply VHS tapes or DVDs.


Picture of VHS to DVD ConverterPicture of VHS to DVD Converter Button Controls


This remote is for use with the VHS to DVD Converter system that is on the 2nd floor of Odegaard Undergraduate Library, but is not required for the use of the system.

This remote can only be checked out at the 2nd floor Information Desk.


Copying VHS to DVD:

1. Make sure that VHS is rewound to the beginning of the tape (or to where you would like the copying to start)
2. Place blank DVD in DVD tray
3. Hold right arrow for 3 seconds until screen appears
4. Click record button (round, red circle)

Stopping and Finalizing DVD before end of tape (most useful if end of tape is long, blank space):

1. Click DVD eject button after the amount of tape that you wanted recorded has finished copying
2. The screen should prompt you to click the record button (round, red circle) to finalize the disc. After finalizing has completed, the disc should be automatically ejected.

Last modified: September 18, 2013