Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning Tools

Teaching and Learning Tools

  • UW Canvas (canvas.uw.edu) - A feature-rich learning management software, allowing for simplified course management, seamless course calendaring, and efficient grading.
  • Classroom Technology - Help with navigating classroom technology that includes how to connect personal equipment to classroom equipment, how to navigate control systems and equipment operations.
  • Catalyst Web Tools - A powerful set of web-based tools anyone can use.
  • Mailman Email List Manager - Manage email lists for your organization, group or class.
  • MyPlan - Enhances your experience with your advisor by helping them develop a comprehensive academic plan.
  • Notify.UW - Receive notifications when the classes you want are open for registration.
  • SpaceScout - Find a study space, a computer lab, a cafe, or other types of spaces on the UW campuses. You can also download the SpaceScout iOS app from the iTunes store.
  • Technology Help Center - Help about teaching and learning tools, including Catalyst, Canvas, SpaceScout, Tegrity, and more.
  • Technology Workshops - Hands-on workshops and online tutorials about using teaching and learning tools.
  • Tegrity Lecture Capture - A tool for staff and faculty for creating video and screen capture of lectures.
  • ViDA Virtual Desktop Access - Gives students 24/7 remote access to high-end software.

Pilot Projects

The UW is constantly experimenting with new products and technologies to better support teaching and learning.

  • UW eText Pilot - Exploring current products for delivering text books online.

Last modified: August 23, 2013