Software & Hardware

Acquiring Software and Hardware

Acquiring Software and Hardware

Getting Software and Hardware

Acquiring your own hardware and software may not be necessary, see Services Available to You below.

UWare: Software you can download at reduced or no cost, thanks to various license agreements with software vendors.
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University Book Store Tech Center: The UBS Tech Center offers hardware and software at competitive prices, plus you get a patronage refund.
University Book Store Tech Center

For Faculty and Staff

Nebula Services: Networked computers and software centrally managed and supported by UW Information Technology.
More about Nebula

Services Available to You

Powerful computers, massive storage, and sophisticated software are available for your use.

For Students

Virtual software

ViDA (Virtual Desktop Access) provides students with access to high-end software (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and more) through the Internet. You can use ViDA anywhere you are if you have an Internet connection.

For Faculty, Staff, and Students

Collaboration tools

Use your UW NetID to sign-up and access these UW-branded, ad-free Microsoft and Google services:

 UW Windows Live: Email, calendar, and contacts; live chat, voice, and video; online file storage and collaborative workspace; and photo and slideshow sharing.

 UW Google Apps: Email and calendaring; document and presentation creation, storage, and sharing; website creation; and instant message and computer voice calling.

Computer workstations

The Odegaard Learning Commons provides access to hundreds of Mac and Windows computer workstations.

Technology spaces

Technology spaces for videoconferencing, collaboration, digital presentation, media, and sound projects are available.

UDrive Disk Storage

UDrive, a central file storage for users, provides students, faculty and staff with a place to store files that can be accessed from anywhere, on- and off-campus.

Web publishing

Web publishing on UW Central Servers gives you a place to build websites, run wikis, set up blogs, and more.

For UW Researchers

Research computing

The eScience Institute offers resources for research computing:

  • Hyak: A large-scale, “condominium-style” compute cluster with large data storage facilities
  • Lolo: A research computing file storage service
  • SQLShare: Web-based application for data integration, analysis, and sharing that lets researchers get answers to their research questions without extensive programming or database knowledge.

Maintenance and Repair

  • The Computer Vet in the Learning Commons in Odegaard Undergraduate Library can help with operating system updates, anti-virus software installation, and cleaning out infected computers.
  • The Computer Maintenance Group provides hardware and software services generally for UW-owned computers, charging the work to UW budgets.
  • Health Sciences Academic Services & Facilities Computing Support provides a variety of support and repair services. HSAS&F can work on both UW computers and personally-owned computers.
  • Many commercial computer maintenance services are available off-campus.

Protecting Your Computer

  • Sophos Anti-Virus Software: Students, faculty, and staff can download Sophos and use it on their University-owned and personal computers.
  • Electronic Equipment Registration: A registration service for personal equipment offered by UW Police.
  • Equipment Insurance: University property and equipment (including laptops) is not automatically insured. Low cost coverage is available for UW departments.

Last modified: July 12, 2013