Software & Hardware



Getting a New Computer


Email to request an order consultation; we will:

  • order
  • track
  • set up

your equipment. Budget number required for this service.


  1. From eProcurement, go to CDW-G’s catalog and find the desired computer or laptop and add it to your cart.  
    • 2235587: UW Nebula Desktop Service
    • 2235602: UW Nebula Notebook Service
  2. For any questions or assistance or ordering computers,  follow the link within the eProcurement site for getting help: Getting Help through eProcurement
  3. When done, transfer your shopping cart and submit your order in eProcurement
  4. When received, add the computer to the Nebula domain

Other Hardware Services

  • Warranty Extensions
  • Computer upgrades and repair

Contact us.

Last modified: October 1, 2013