Beginning Mon, Dec 23, Windows 7 computers will begin the upgrade to Internet Explorer v10, unless previously exempted.  Information on computer operating system and IE exemption status is available on the myNebula pages.  Clients who use Ariba should install and use the "Mozilla FireFox for Ariba" package from Run Advertised Programs, as this version of Firefox is certified to work with the current version of Ariba.  It will install an icon on your desktop called "Ariba Firefox".  You can run this separately from any existing installations of Firefox you may have already. 

Beginning Wed Nov 7:  messages larger than 25GB will not be sent nor accepted.  Please see Message Size in Outlook for more information.

Nebula Brown Bag was held on Thursday, November 7, noon to 1:00 p.m. in the UW Tower.  Slide desk available at Fall Nebula Brown Bag 2013.

Nebula Technical Users Group: meeting notes from Fall meeting on Oct 3 are now available.

Nebula Training Room has moved to Roosevelt Commons.

New web pages on: 

  • UW SkyDrivePro and Nebula
  • Alternative Security Configurations for Nebula

  •  Using NETID Logins in Nebula

  •  XP End-of-Life Within Nebula Support

  • Message Size in Outlook


Last modified: December 6, 2013