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Allegro Common Lisp

Allegro Common Lisp

Allegro Common Lisp is an object-oriented development language.

Software Overview

Allegro Common Lisp is an excellent general purpose programming language that supports a variety of paradigms of programming, including object-oriented programming, functional programming, and logic programming. The compiler generates very fast code suitable for high speed numerical calculation, as well as interactive graphics with the X window system (support for OpenGL is available).

Version - Allegro Common Lisp for Linux - 8.2

System Requirements

  • Intel PC Linux (x86) with glibc 2.3 or later
    Note: Not Linux distribution dependent and runs on Debian and all the others as well, as long as the right glibc version is included.
  • Disk space for the distribution: about 140 MB
  • Memory: runs in as little as 32 MB, better with more

License Details

Currently registered UW students, faculty or staff are eligible to participate in this site license.

  • UW students, faculty, and staff on University-owned equipment only on main campus
  • May not be installed on any personally owned computers or laptops
  • The cost and annual maintenance is currently shared by several departments. Contributions to cover the annual maintenance of $2500 are appreciated. Contact Cindi Loudon, 206-598-6218 to make arrangements.
  • The license is renewed annually

Getting the Software

Initial Copy and Updates

Contact Cindi Loudon at

Getting Help


Documentation is included with the software, as html files. The full ANSI standard is also included, as html, and the full CLX programmer’s manual (TI 1989) is included as PostScript files.

Technical Support

Contact Stefani Banerian at

Licensing Questions

Contact Cindi Loudon at

Last modified: July 5, 2013