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NCAR Graphics Software

NCAR Graphics Software


NCAR Graphics is a general purpose graphics library called by Fortran programs.

The graphics are output in a device independent graphics meta-file which can then be displayed on various supported output devices. These devices include X11 windows, various terminals, printers and plotters. See the vendor’s website for additional information.

  • The software is pre-compiled for these platforms:
    AIX, Windows, Linux, and MacOS X
  • Source is also available

License Details

The software license is based on the OSI Apache License, Version 2.0 and is available to everyone.

  • Cost - Free. No annual renewal required.
  • The Department of Atmospheric Sciences administers this license.

Get Software

Download the software from the NCAR web page.

Get Help


Purchase printed documentation from the vendor or contact the University Bookstore.

Technical Support

Contact Harry Edmon at

Licensing Questions

Contact Harry Edmon at

Last modified: July 15, 2013