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SPSS 21 - Annual Subscription

SPSS 21 - Annual Subscription


IBM SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) provides data and statistical analysis, file management capabilities, graphics and reporting features. This year’s contract includes a Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) license.

See the IBM SPSS Premium Edition site for details.

  • SPSS 21 Modules include:
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Custom Tables
  • Forecasting
  • Regression
  • Tables Original
  • Trends Original
  • Data Preparation
  • Bootstrapping
  • Neural Networks
  • IBM SPSS 21 is available by UW Faculty, Staff, and Graduate and Undergraduate Students.
  • License must be renewed annually
  • Software can be installed on both institutionally-owned and personal computers.

Licensing Details

IBM SPSS 21 is an annual subscription, with the license period running from July 1 through June 30.


  • UW matriculated, currently registered undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff are eligible to participate in this site license.
  • UW Affiliates not paid by the UW, visiting scholars, distance learning, and extension students are ineligible to purchase this software.
  • This software is for use on computers owned or leased by the UW or on the student, faculty, or staff person’s personal computer.

Get Software

Purchase from e-Academy (download)

  • Purchase and download online. See Note.
    • SPSS 21 - $143
  • Payment is by credit card only.
  • Budget numbers are no longer accepted online.
  • The Activation Code is provided on your e-Academy receipt screen. Make a note of it!
  • The software can only be downloaded by the person who purchased it.

Purchase from the University Book Store for $160 (media included).

  • Go to the University Bookstore and complete the registration form.
  • A copy of your UW ID and photo ID is needed when you make your purchase.

Concurrent Use Licenses

  • The cost is $143.00 per concurrent user license for SPSS 21 annual subscription.
  • Send email to and include a budget number and number of licenses required.
  • For use on UW-owned computers only.

Any modules not offered under this license are available directly through IBM SPSS Inc. Contact IBM for details.

NOTE: Some customers have had difficulty downloading using a wireless connection. We recommend using a wired network connection to download from the e-Academy site.

New version upgrades are purchased as new licenses.

Get Help


Mac System Requirements This also includes link to other operating systems.

Installation Instructions

IBM SPSS Support for documentation online. You will need to create an IBM ID to access these pages.

General Questions

SPSS Technical Support

Other Questions: Send email to or call 206-221-5000.

Last modified: July 31, 2013