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CommonView Help Center

Help Center CommonView Help Center

Getting Started

  • Create a workspace
  • Add a view to your workspace
  • Add content to your workspace
  • Change the appearance of a workspace

Working with Views

  • Add a view to your workspace
  • Reorder the views in your workspace
  • Rename, show or hide, or delete a view
  • Making individual views public

Working with Content

  • Add File(s) to your workspace
  • Add a Link to your workspace
  • Add Rich Text (Text, Tables, Youtube Videos, etc.)
  • Working with Rich Text in CommonView
  • Add a Catalyst Tool
  • Add a Google calendar
  • Add a Google Sites Hub
  • Add a Library Widget
  • Add an RSS Feed
  • Using RSS in your Workspace
  • Work with content items
  • Add content to multiple views
  • Download workspace content

Manage a Workspace

  • Set participant access
  • Add administrators to your workspace
  • Set workspace availability
  • Notify participants about your workspace
  • Copy a workspace
  • Delete a workspace

For Participants

  • Getting started
  • Working with Google Sites in a workspace
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