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Assign and Submit Grades

Help Center GradeBook Help Center Assign and Submit Grades

As the instructor of record for a class or section, or an authorized grade submission delegate, you can submit grades online to Graduations and Academic Records during the quarterly grade submission period. Note: Only those who have official permission can submit grades online with Catalyst GradeBook.

If you have graders, TAs, or other assistants, they can access and assign grades on the online grade submission form if they have been added as administrators to the grade book.

If you think the grading option for your class is incorrect, please contact your Time Schedule Coordinator.

To submit final grades for your class using the online grade submission form, follow these steps:

  1. From the Catalyst account page, click the name of the grade book you wish to work with. You will move to the main view of the grade book.
  2. Click Online grade submission. You will move to the online grade submission form.
  3. If you have attached multiple classes or sections to the grade book, you can select a specific section to grade from the drop-down menu at the top of the online grade submission form. Grades for each section or class can be submitted separately.
  4. Click thumbnail to view full image.
    On the online grade submission form, type or select a grade from the grade options provided for each student in the section or class currently displayed.
    A grade must be entered for all students before you can submit grades for each class or section. The type of grades you can assign is determined by the grading system option selected for each class, and in some cases, for each student. Each online grade submission form will only display the valid grades that can be assigned for that student or class.
  5. If you need to save your work and continue assigning grades at another time, click Save and Close at the bottom of the page.
  6. When all students in the current class or section have been assigned valid grades, click Review and submit. You will move to the "Review grades for your class" page.
  7. If the Review and submit button is unavailable or disabled, either you do not have permission to submit grades, or some students do not have a grade assigned. Check to make sure that all students in the currently displayed section or class have valid final grades. To view a list of instructors permitted to submit grades for each section, click the information icon in the upper right of the grade submission form.
  8. On the "Review" page, verify that all grades are correct. To return to the grade submisison form to change incorrect grades, click Back. Note: Grades cannot be changed online after submission.
  9. Once you have verified all of the final grades, click Submit grades to send all grades to the Registrar.
  10. You will be notified by email (within an hour) and in the status area of the online grade submission form when grades have been successfully submitted to Graduations and Academic Records.

You can return to the online grade submission form at any point during the final grade submission period to submit grades for other sections or view the status of grades. You can also view and print a receipt of submitted grades. However, once the grading period closes, you will not be able to access the online grade submission form.

About the Grade Options

The table below provides brief explanations about the grade options that are available in the online grade submission form. For more detailed information about types of grades, visit the Faculty Resource on Grading (FROG) or call the Graduations and Academic Records office at 206-543-1803.

Numeric Grades

You may report grades in 0.1 increments between 4.0 and 0.7 for undergraduates, and between 4.0 and 1.7 for graduate students, and the grade 0.0. The grade 0.0 is assigned for failing work or if a student does not officially withdraw.

0.7 is the lowest passing grade for undergraduates; 1.7 is the lowest passing grade for graduate students. Any grade you enter that is below the lowest passing grade will be rejected as invalid.

CR (Credit) and NC (No credit)

The minimum performance level required for a CR (credit) grade is determined, and the grade awarded directly, by the instructor. Credit/No credit is not computed in GPA calculations.

I (Incomplete)

Students must request an incomplete from their instructor. Incomplete grades should be given only to students who have performed satisfactorily until the last two weeks of the quarter. Incompletes should never be given to students who are not making satisfactory progress.

Incomplete grades will be converted to 0.0 after one quarter, unless you submit a grade change by the quarterly grade deadline. For undergraduates, you may enter an alternate (default) grade on the online Faculty Grade Report as well as the I (Incomplete) grade. The I remains on the student's transcript as well as the grade.

N (In progress)

This grade indicates that the student is making satisfactory progress and that a final grade will be given at the end of the quarter in which the work is completed. An N grade carries with it no credit or grade until a regular grade is assigned.

W (Writing)

Undergraduate students must complete a writing credit requirement of seven credits, beyond the five-credit English composition course required of all students. The seven credits must be in "writing-intensive" courses; that is, either additional English composition courses, or W courses. In these courses, all students passing the class will automatically receive a W credit.

Individual students can arrange with the instructor to receive a writing credit (W-course credit) for a non-writing course.

For more information about Writing credits, see the Additional Writing section of the General Education requirements page. For information about Ws (Writing credits) by special arrangement, see the Undergraduate Advising page on writing requirements.

X (No grade now)

X codes remain on a student's record until a grade is submitted. X codes do not affect a student's GPA, but do affect student status and eligibility for some types of financial aid. As a result, instructors should make every effort to submit grades in a timely manner.

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