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WebQ Help Center

Help Center WebQ Help Center

Getting Started

  • Create a survey or quiz
  • View examples of question types
  • Add and work with questions or content

Build a Survey or Quiz

  • Add general content
  • Add multiple choice questions
  • Add short response questions
  • Add long response questions
  • Add matrix questions
  • Insert a page break
  • Change question numbers and labels
  • Change survey title and subtitle

Use Skip Logic

  • About skip logic
  • Add skip logic
  • Edit skip logic
  • Remove skip logic

Change the Participant Experience

  • About participant experience settings
  • Set a time limit
  • Allow participants to backtrack
  • Save survey or quiz for later
  • Review responses before submitting
  • Customize the confirmation page
  • Take the survey or quiz more than once
  • Change responses after submitting
  • Display a summary, responses, and/or feedback

Administer a Survey or Quiz

  • Set security to provide access
  • Send announcements and reminders
  • Publish your survey or quiz


  • View results reports
  • Create custom results reports
  • Download results
  • Delete results
  • View the code translation table
  • Import WebQ data into SPSS

Grading Quizzes

  • About quizzes
  • Assign points for a quiz
  • Grade quizzes
  • Display quiz summary, responses, and/or feedback

Collaborate with others

  • About collaboration
  • Add collaborators
  • Change collaborators' roles
  • Remove collaborators

Manage a survey or quiz

  • Rename, copy, or delete a survey or quiz
  • Copy a survey or quiz to another account
  • Accept or decline copied surveys
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