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Collect It

Web Tools for Learning, Teaching, and Research Collect It

Stop filling your inbox with scattered email messages and messy attachments. Collect It makes it easy for you to gather files, provide feedback, and return files online.

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Stay organized effortlessly

Avoid losing papers by creating a Collect It dropbox. All files submitted to a dropbox are logged and organized by assignment and participant. You don't have to worry about having papers strewn all over your home, office, or car; all the files are kept securely online where you can view or download them from anywhere you have Internet access.

Track student progress at a glance

Set open, due, and close dates to manage assignments. See at-a-glance which submissions are on time, and which submissions are late. Receive email notification of new files or comments in the dropbox.

Provide feedback and return files

Easily post comments and return files to give participants feedback. You can also receive comments from your participants. The comments stay with the assignment, allowing you to keep your communication organized.

Collaborate with colleagues

Give your TAs or colleagues access as commenters or administrators so they can view and comment on participants' work, or help you edit and manage your dropbox.

Describe your assignment with flair

Take advantage of the Web and link to audio or video recordings and Web pages, or add graphics and color to your assignment.


Just log in with your UW NetID, and you are ready to go.

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