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Web Tools for Learning, Teaching, and Research CommonView

Keep everything you need for your class or project in one convenient location. Use CommonView to organize your Catalyst tools, files, links and other content in an online workspace for people in your class or project group.

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Gather all you need in one place

No more shuffling between multiple Catalyst tools! Collect your Catalyst tools and other resources (rich text, links, any type of digital file) all in one place-- just for you, or to share with class or group members.

Easily organize (and reorganize) resources

Assemble your resources under different categories ("views"). Easily make content appear in more than one place. Simple drag and drop functionality makes ordering your resources a snap.

Provide easy access to your workspace

Make the space available right away to selected class or group members, or set it to open on a future date. Once open, the workspace is automatically listed on the Catalyst account page of all participants and collaborators-- no more hunting for the course Web site!

Share information at the right time

Hide information until it's finalized; share resources as they are needed. Participants see only the content you choose to make visible.

Share the workload with colleagues

Designate collaborators to help you with the class or project space. They can add additional resources and help you edit and manage the workspace.

Keep your group informed

Post announcements prominently in a dedicated area in the workspace. Ensure that class and group members receive your urgent messages.

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