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Web Tools for Learning, Teaching, and Research ShareSpaces

Create a convenient online space to share files with your friends and colleagues.

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Easily share files online

Whether showing off the latest cut on your new video or writing a group paper, use ShareSpaces to share files with your group. Just log in to your Catalyst account to access the shared space.

Support group work

Easily share files amongst group members. Download a file, make changes, and then upload the new version.

Track versions

Upload a new version, and make comments about your changes. Revert to a previous version. Download any version from the version history.

Easily find files

View shared files by owner, type, or last modified date. Search for files by name or keywords. View search results from across shared spaces, and hits within the content of files (for some file types).

Control access

Designate who has access to the shared space and whether they can modify files.

Get it for free!

Just log in with your UW NetID, and you are ready to go.

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