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University of Washington

1980s African drought

Northern Hemisphere pollution reduced the rain in Africa

3.5 billion-year-old mystery of life

Scientist discover the missing piece

Promising way to reduce emissions

Fueling transportation from woody biomass

Big feet preference

Rural Indonesia defies one-size-fits-all theory of attractiveness

Heating up the Antarctic Peninsula

Fall tropical air circulation drives up temperatures

Health impacts of Duwamish River cleanup

Researchers release new report

Tracking endangered whales

Earthquake sensors provide rich data

Parkinson's risk reduction

Eating peppers may provide protection

Pain of artificial legs could be eased by real-time monitoring

Measuring to place electrodes on leg.

University of Washington engineers have developed a device that tracks how much a person's limb swells and shrinks when inside a prosthetic socket. The data could help doctors and patients predict how and when their limbs will swell, which could be used to build smarter sockets. Read More…

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New Process for the Routing and Review of Research Affiliation Agreement Template

We received feedback that there was a need for a more transparent process for Research Affiliation Agreements. Revised instructions are located at the beginning of the template. This template can be found on the Fostering Research Collaboration website under Interdisciplinary Resources.

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