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Grant Life Cycle

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The Grant Life Cycle
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Award Management

Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA) provides oversees much of the post-award grant process, including award management. See "Spending Money" on GCA's website for details.

    Manage your Money

    • Receipt of Funds
    • GrantTracker
    • Track and Reconcile Budget
    • Track and Reconcile Subcontract
    • Spend Funds
    • Report Inventory
    • Program Income
    • Interest Income
    • Procedures for Rebudgeting of Funds and Change of Principal Investigator (GIM 26)

    Manage your Property

    • Manage your Equipment
    • Manage Intellectual Property
    • Equipment Insurance Program


      Cost-sharing information provided by Grant & Contract Accounting

    Faculty Effort Certification (FEC)

    • FEC information provided by Financial Management
    • Frequently Asked Questions about Faculty Effort Certification (FEC)

    Communicate with Sponsor and the UW

      • Close Budget - The Grant and Contract Closing Process
      • Progress Reports
      • Concurrence Letter
      Communicate With UW
      • Faculty Effort Certification
      • Reporting Non-FEC Cost Sharing Contributions