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Financial Aid All of UW   

Apply for Aid

University of Washington students use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for financial aid. The FAFSA should be received at the federal processor by February 28, 2013 for priority consideration for our aid programs for the 2013-14 school year.

Go to to apply for a Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the U.S. Department of Education. If your parents have to provide their information, they can apply for a PIN too. After you receive your PIN, go to and follow directions to file the FAFSA (and signature page if directed to do so). File your FAFSA as soon after January 1, 2013 as possible, noting University of Washington, Code #003798 on the form.

Application for financial aid is separate from application for admission. For priority consideration, you must meet our financial aid deadline (your FAFSA must be dated and received by the Federal Processor by February 28, 2013 for the 2013-14 school year) even if you don't know whether you will be accepted for admission. To qualify for financial aid, you must be admitted to the university at our Seattle, Bothell or Tacoma campus in an approved degree or certificate program (most non-matriculated students are not eligible for student aid), and meet minimum enrollment requirements.

If you do not want to use FAFSA on the Web, you can obtain a paper version FAFSA from a high school counselor, a local college, or by calling 1-800-4FEDAID. All applications must be received by the federal processor by February 28, 2013 for priority consideration for our aid programs.

Although the FAFSA requests "actual" tax information, estimates are acceptable and may be used to meet the February 28 priority deadline. Remember to allow enough time for the federal processor to receive your FAFSA by midnight on February 28. The federal processor is on Central Time and many students across the nation are trying to file their FAFSA in February so you need to file several hours or even a day early to ensure your FAFSA doesn't get stuck in a federal system slowdown.

Child Care

If you have children age 12 or younger who will need childcare during the academic year, you may be eligible for child care assistance offered through the University's Student Parent Resource Center. Read more about the Child Care Assistance Program.

Student Aid Report (SAR) From the Federal Processor

You will receive an e-mail to access Student Aid Report (SAR) information after you send in your FAFSA. (If an e-mail address was not supplied, a paper SAR will be mailed). You must make any corrections requested on the form and mail or transmit it back as directed. You should correct any estimated income data when actual data is available, correct your name (which should match the name the Social Security Administration has for you), social security number and date of birth if inaccurate.

Award Letter

We begin sending award notices in the spring and continue through the summer. This may be sent to you electronically so please check your UW e-mail and MyUW regularly. The award notice shows you the types and amount of aid you are eligible to receive. Your award may be an estimate until we complete the review of your FAFSA information. Please accept your aid as directed, even if you are requesting or expecting changes. Unaccepted awards are subject to cancellation.

Review Process

You may be asked at any time to submit documents or other information to be used in the review of your application. Please respond to any request as soon as possible; review of your file may be delayed until all requested documents are submitted. The volume of material to be reviewed is substantial and we appreciate your patience during the review process.

Summer Financial Aid

If you want financial aid for Summer Quarter a separate application is required. See Aid for Summer for more information.

Late Applicants, Part-Time Students and 5th Year Students

In general, students whose FAFSAs are received after February 28, part-time and post-baccalaureate (5th year) students are considered for limited types of aid. After February 28, we recommend that the FAFSA be submitted as early as possible before the beginning of the quarter in which you wish to receive aid. Less than full-time students and late applicants with exceptional circumstances may download a Financial Aid Priority Appeal Form and submit it to our office.