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Fee Based Programs and Financial Aid

Fee Based Programs

The University offers both state supported and fee based degree programs. Students who are enrolled in most fee based programs will use a different process to register for classes and pay for their courses than students in state supported programs.

When interacting with counselors in the Financial Aid office it is helpful to identify yourself as a student who is enrolled in a fee based program. This will allow our staff to provide you with information specific to your situation; prevent interruptions of aid disbursement; and to provide you with information about the right amount of aid available.

Fee Based Courses

Students enrolled in state funded programs can choose to take fee based courses through UW Professional & Continuing Education (UW PCE). You will need to register and pay for your course through UW PCE. You will pay a separate fee for UW PCE course and the course will not be counted as part of your credits when determining your quarterly state tuition amount.

Some aid programs that are offered to state supported program students can apply to UW PCE courses while others cannot. Please see a Financial Aid Counselor if you have questions about the type of aid you were awarded as it relates to you taking a fee based course.


UW Professional & Continuing Education (UW PCE) provides registration and accounting support to many fee based programs. Students should check with their program office to determine the level of involvement, if at all, that UW PCE may have with these processes. UW PCE registration and accounting processes are not automatically integrated into the regular UW systems.

You should be aware of the following processes that may impact you:

  • Students whose program receives both registration and/or accounting support from UW PCE will register for their classes through the UW PCE system by completing the Registration Form for UW PCE classes.
  • State supported courses are viewable in real time through MyUW. UW PCE registration occurs through a transfer process coordinated between UW PCE Registration and UW Registration. For this reason, there may be a delay (1-2 business days) in the ability to view your enrollment through MyUW.

Program and Course Fees

As a fee based program student you do not pay tuition. You pay either a program fee (flat fee per quarter) or course fees (per credit charge per quarter). Each fee based program has its own fee structure. This sometimes makes it difficult to accurately assess your exact fees. If we underestimate your fees due to credit differences, you have the option to submit a Revision Request for Additional Expenses documenting the additional fees. Please be aware that in most cases we are only able to increase student loan funds to cover the difference.

Awarding Aid

We assume full time enrollment when awarding aid unless your program was set up as a part time program, in which case we assume half time enrollment. If you are in a part time program but enroll for greater than half time, you may request a review of your costs based on the additional expenses from course fees by completing a Revision Request for Additional Expenses.

There are both undergraduate and graduate fee based programs. Fee based students receive consideration for most of the same types of financial aid funds as state supported students. However, because you pay fees and not tuition, we are not able to offer you any tuition exemptions. We also are not able to offer the other state supported grant program; Graduate University Grant for graduate students and Undergraduate University Grant for undergraduates.

Types of Aid

Typically types of aid that are available to fee based students include:

  • Federal grants
  • State grants
  • Scholarships
  • Work Study
  • Loans

Fee Payments

Students are expected to pay for their courses when they register (well in advance of the quarter). If you need to wait until your financial aid is available (typically at the start of each quarter), then you would need to complete the Payment Agreement Form.

Disbursement of Aid

In order to have financial aid funds disburse, you must be registered for the number of credits your aid is set up for, you must not have any financial aid holds, and if you accepted student loans, you must sign all corresponding promissory notes. In addition, you must appear as registered on MyUW.

If you have submitted the Payment Agreement Form and have a financial aid award set up for you at least two business days prior to the start of the quarter, your quarterly charges should appear on the UW system for you to view through MyUW. If your aid is available to disburse, your financial aid funds will disburse to your account and apply to your charges. Any residual aid after charges are paid will be made available to you.

You can sign up for direct deposit so your residual funds will directly deposit into your personal bank account, or Student Fiscal Services will mail a check to you on or after the first day of the quarter.

If you do not have enough aid to cover your full charges, you will receive billing information from UW Professional & Continuing Education (UW PCE). Only the fee amount paid by your aid will remain on your student account after the first week of the quarter. Therefore, it may appear to you as if your bill has been paid in full. Please be sure that amount paid on the student account system matches what you calculated as fees owing from your Payment Agreement.

If you feel you had enough aid to cover your fees, and you received a billing statement from UW PCE, please check with our office so that we may provide options or investigate further.

Keep in mind that if you do not submit your Payment Agreement Form or do not have financial aid available to disburse to you at least two business days prior to the start of the quarter you will need to pay directly to UW PCE. When financial aid funds are available to you these funds will either go direct deposit to you if you are signed up, or Student Fiscal Services will mail a check to you.

Non Eligible Programs

Not all programs are aid eligible. Students enrolled in these non-eligible programs are not able to benefit from UW financial aid. If you are enrolled in a non-eligible program and feel you need financial assistance to complete your degree you may want to investigate private loans. Program offices can communicate with our office to see if a new program is aid eligible.

Concurrent Majors

If you are concurrently enrolled (double major) in a fee based program and a state supported program it is often difficult to award you correctly. If you are predominately enrolled in a quarter in the fee based program then you will be considered fee based, if the opposite is true you will be considered a state supported student. Awarding aid in these cases is a manual process so you will want to contact our office to make sure you are receiving the aid you are entitled to.

Hybrid Programs

There are ‘hybrid’ programs where students go from self-sustaining to state supported, or the reverse. You will need to be aware of when you are paying tuition and when you are paying fees to determine how to register and pay.