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University of Washington Tacoma Time Schedule

The UW Time Schedule lists credit classes offered at the University of Washington - Tacoma. It is updated daily and is subject to change. You can get the up-to-the-minute status of any section by clicking on the five-digit Schedule Line Number. The University reserves the right to (1) add or delete courses from its offerings; (2) change times, days, or locations of courses; (3) change academic calendars; (4) cancel any courses for insufficient registration or academic/administrative decision without notice.

For an explanation of the symbols and abbreviations used in the Time Schedule, select the "?" in the column heading above the Time Schedule pages.

If you know the Schedule Line Number, you can use Course Sections Status Inquiry to link directly to the detail information for that course.

Current quarters:

Spring Quarter 2013
Summer Quarter 2013
Autumn Quarter 2013

Past quarters:

Autumn Quarter 2007
Winter Quarter 2008
Spring Quarter 2008
Summer Quarter 2008
Autumn Quarter 2008
Winter Quarter 2009
Spring Quarter 2009
Summer Quarter 2009
Autumn Quarter 2009
Winter Quarter 2010
Spring Quarter 2010
Summer Quarter 2010
Autumn Quarter 2010
Winter Quarter 2011
Spring Quarter 2011
Summer Quarter 2011
Autumn Quarter 2011
Winter Quarter 2012
Spring Quarter 2012
Summer Quarter 2012

Autumn Quarter 2012
Winter Quarter 2013