UW Information Technology


Unfolding Nature’s Secrets

Professor David Baker’s groundbreaking work to unravel the mysteries of protein folding

Nathan Kutz

Amping Up Online Education

Professor Nathan Kutz’s efforts to expand the Applied Mathematics department’s online learning


Activating Teaching and Learning

Psychology Lecturer Nicole McNichols’ creative use of Active Learning Classrooms for a rich learning experience


Taking the UW Paperless

The Grant & Contract Accounting team’s successful efforts to go paperless with the UW’s grant management process

About UW-IT

UW Information Technology is the central IT organization for the University of Washington, providing critical technology support to all three campuses, UW medical centers and global research operations. UW-IT collaborates with University partners to advance teaching, learning, innovation and discovery at the UW.

UW-IT’s responsibilities include:

  • Strategic planning, oversight and direction of the University’s IT infrastructure, resources and services
  • Consulting with academic, clinical and administrative units to evaluate their IT requirements, capabilities and requests
  • Managing UW central IT infrastructure and services, including academic and collaborative applications, accessible technology, administrative systems and information management, classroom technology, computing infrastructure, customer service, data centers, information security and privacy, IT services and strategic sourcing, networking, technology business continuity and telecommunications
  • Working with the President, Provost and appropriate governance committees to determine IT strategies, policies, priorities and resource allocations
  • Representing UW’s IT interests at the state, national and international levels